1997 Trix Metall Bugatti Kit

Only 333 of these Kits were Produced Worldwide

Wood Chest, New, Unused …$3,500.00

1994 Märklin  BBN Armored Bank Truck (#1101)

The Bavarian Broadcast Network Armored Bank Truck Was Commissioned By The Bavarian Broadcast Network As A Gift For Guests Who Appeared On A German Financial Television Program Similar To PBS’ Wall Street Week. This Truck Is Also Referred To As The “Geld Truck” And The “Money Truck”.

Assembled, With Fully Functioning Steering, Opening Doors, Electric Lights and Clockwork Motor

15” Long. As New, Boxed…$735.00

1999 Märklin Fire Brigade Pumper (#19034)

Assembled, With Fully Functioning Steering, Electric Lights, Wood Ladders, Working Fire Hose and Clockwork Motor, 15” Long. As New, Boxed…$895.00